Mental health recovery & customised support services

Uniting WA’s customised mental health services are all about having the support you need, delivered in the way you need it. Our mental health recovery and support services are provided on a one-to-one basis, with a focus on supporting you to build the confidence you need to map out your mental health recovery plan.

Our team adopt a strengths-based approach, which means that we focus on all the things you can do, rather than those you can’t.

It’s about developing the skills and confidence you need on your journey to recovery. And the mental health support you receive will be as unique as you.

We can assist you to manage your daily tasks and access to your community, and work with you to build your own skills and self-reliance – so that you can start to do these things for yourself when you’re ready.

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Uniting is committed to providing caring and compassionate mental health support services to residents across Perth. We’re here for you for every step of your mental health recovery. If you’d like to discuss your options for support, please email us or call 1300 663 298. If you’re ready to receive mental health support, fill in the referral form below.

We’ll support you to do all of the things you need to live the life you choose and assist you to access support from other services if you need it.

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Mental health support with Uniting

Uniting mental health recovery and support services are always provided on a voluntary basis, so participants must provide informed consent to receive services.

Please note that Uniting is not a crisis support service.  If you need urgent support, click here

You can refer yourself for mental health support and we also accept referrals from families and carers, as well as community service agencies and clinicians.

Please note that Uniting is not a crisis support service. If you need urgent support, click here.

If you’d prefer to email your referral, download it here and email to our team. You can also post your referral to:

Uniting WA
56 Baltimore Parade
Merriwa WA 6030

If you’d like to discuss a referral, give us a call on 1300 663 298.

Mental Health Support Program Eligibility

This program supports people aged between 16 and 65, who identify as having a severe and persistent mental illness. You don’t need to have a mental health diagnosis to receive support.

This support is available to people living in the Perth North Primary Health Network Region.

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