Requests for information

When can my information be shared?

Personal information is not shared by Uniting WA unless:

  • Requested by the individual concerned (or a chosen representative)
  • For emergency purposes, such as medical emergencies, which pose risk or harm to the individual or others
  • There is a legal obligation to do so

How do I make an information request?

By post, addressed to:

By telephone, to arrange a time to speak with our Chief Governance Officer, via:

By e-mail, addressed to our Chief Governance Officer, via:

By completing our Request for Information Form.

What happens next?


Our Privacy Officer will acknowledge your request as soon as possible (within business hours), via the contact information provided.


Our Privacy Officer will contact you for further information or clarification, where necessary.


Our Privacy Officer will notify you of any outcomes, within 30 business days of receiving your request, unless otherwise communicated.


The following information is provided to parties to Court proceedings issuing a subpoena for production or a subpoena to give evidence to Uniting WA.  


For a subpoena requiring the production of documents, Uniting needs not less than 10 clear working days from the date a subpoena is received to process any subpoena. Conduct money, to cover the cost of complying with the subpoena, must be paid in advance. 

Subpoenas for production of documents should be addressed to: 

The Proper Officer 
Uniting WA 
GPO Box B74 
Perth WA 6383

Subpoenas so addressed can be served on / received by the Chief Governance Officer or a member of the Executive Team. 

Subpoenas can also be sent electronically (with a copy of the cheque for conduct money) to  

For a subpoena requiring a person to give evidence, the subpoena must be served directly on the Uniting employee required to attend and give evidence. Reasonable expenses to appear, as negotiated with the employee, must be paid in advance. 


In the ‘schedule’ section of the subpoena form there is a space to list the documents or things that you wish us to produce to the Court. Please describe those documents or things fully. If you require records about a person, listing their date of birth facilitates the accurate and timely identification of documents. Similarly, including the name of the program and/or the geographic location of the service which was accessed by this person, will assist in the compilation of a complete response. 

Uniting WA is a large organisation delivering numerous services and programs across Western Australia. Please therefore gather the above information prior to issuing a subpoena. 

Conduct money

Conduct money is required for subpoenas to produce and parties must provide this by cheque or money order made out to Uniting WA. Uniting WA is not obliged to process subpoenas that are not received with conduct money. 

Your contact details

Please identify a point of contact with relevant details for queries arising from the subpoena and notification of additional processing charges where requested. 

Any queries in relation to subpoenas to be served on Uniting can be directed by email to