Feedback and complaints

Your feedback is welcome.

We’re interested in what matters to you.  And if there’s something we can do to improve the support we provide to people in the community, we want to know about it. 

When you give us feedback or make a suggestion about how we can do things better, we’ll share this information with our team members and take action where necessary. 

If you raise a complaint with us, it will be recorded and investigated as quickly as possible and we’ll keep you informed of our progress as we go.

We’ll also let you know if any action needs to be taken to resolve the situation.  Once a decision has been made, we’ll explain why the decision has been made and what the decision was based on.

Please be aware the complaints need to be provided in writing and can be submitted via email or by post to:

Complaints Officer
Uniting WA
GPO Box B74

You can download our Complaints brochure here and the Easy Read version here.

If you’d like to discuss your feedback, please contact our Complaints Officer on 1300 663 298.

You also have the opportunity to contact external agencies for independent information, support and advice if you’re unhappy with the decision.

Whistle-blower policy

Uniting WA has a Whistle-blower Policy in place to afford whistle-blower protections to individuals in accordance with Australian Law. 

Housing appeals

If you’re unhappy with a decision we have made in response to your housing request, please talk to the team member that made the decision and let them know why you are unhappy. If you’re still not satisfied with the decision, you can request that the decision be formally reviewed.

If you are unhappy with the formal review or would like to take your complaint or appeal further, the relevant team member can direct you to the appropriate external body, at any time.