Community financial literacy workshops

Our workshops are a safe place to get



Important life

Rewarding experience

What to expect at a workshop

We work with you to set-up a workshop or series of workshops that are relevant, engaging, and useful!
Here is an example of some topics we might cover in a workshop, but we can adjust this based on what works best for your team.    

Other topics we can cover

  • Managing finances with a partner 
  • Planning for the future 
  • Superannuation 
  • Creating a side hustle
  • Budgeting
  • Starting your first job 
  • Saving for a deposit 
  • Teaching your kids about money 

Where do we hold these workshops?

We can hold workshops on our premises, but more often than not we travel to you.

Anywhere in the
Greater Perth Region

Public spaces
like libraries

At your

Who can benefit from a workshop?

Even if you think they’ve got their finances in control, it never hurts to have a reminder, especially if any of their personal circumstances have changed – like a new home or hobby.

have changed

Struggling to

financial difficulties


Not-for-profits and community organisations: $ free
That’s right. Our workshops are totally free for the clients of community / not-for-profit organisations.

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