Parenting support

Being a parent isn’t easy. And for parents who face challenges that affect their ability to build strong relationships with their children, it can be even harder.

We work with families who are dealing with difficult life circumstances. Our team supports parents to learn positive parenting skills and develop strategies to manage their emotions so they can create more rewarding relationships with their children.

Parenting under pressure (PUP)

The PUP program is for families with children under 12 years, who are experiencing issues that may affect their parenting including depression, anxiety, substance misuse, family violence and financial stress.

It’s an in-home service for parents which delivers a practical three to six month program, with the flexibility to adapt to each individual family’s needs. 

The PUP program is open to parents who live in the Merriwa and Kwinana areas. 

If you need support but don’t live in these areas, please visit The Family Support Network for more resources.

To learn more or discuss a referral:

Merriwa – Email us or call (08) 9206 6200

Kwinana Email us or call (08) 9239 0920

Attach program

Support for parents concerned about their drug and alcohol use.

Attach is a program similar to Parenting Under Pressure, but it specialises in support for parents who live with problematic drug and alcohol use and have children aged 12 years or under.

We recognise that drug and alcohol misuse rarely occurs in isolation. Many parents who use substances are also struggling to cope with mental illness, family violence, financial difficulties, social isolation and strained family relationships.

We can support you to work through a practical, in-home counselling program that is tailored to your needs and lasts from four to six months. This service provides support to develop emotional management and coping strategies, as well as the confidence to address issues relating to drug and alcohol misuse.

Click here to download the Uniting WA Attach brochure.

You can refer yourself or speak to us about referring someone you know. Download the referral form here.

You can also email us any time or call  (08) 9239 0920.

Referrals are also taken from alcohol and drug agencies, Department for Child Protection and Family Support, mental health services, Department of Corrective Services and other community organisations.

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