Koort Boodja – supported crisis accomodation

Koort Boodja is a crisis accommodation service but please note that due to demand, we cannot guarantee a time-frame for when a bed will become available.

For more information, please email us or call (08) 9220 1288.

Koort Boodja is a supported crisis accommodation service for people experiencing homelessness in and around the City of Perth.

As a low-barrier program, Koort Boodja provides a safe, welcoming space and 1:1 support that meets the unique needs of people accessing the service. But it’s much more than just a temporary fix.

A best-practice approach.

Koort Boodja provides a wide range of practical supports, advocacy and links to specialised services in the community, led by a dedicated team of support workers.

The program aims to address the drivers of homelessness by breaking the cycle in ways that are unique to each person being supported.

Critical to success is a focus on connections to the community, which help ensure that people can obtain safe, secure, and sustainable accommodation upon leaving Koort Boodja and take the next positive step on their journey out of homelessness.

This includes working in a culturally-appropriate way to identify what the future might look like with more sustainable, long-term housing and accommodation options in place.

Collaborating for a better outcome.

Uniting WA has a track record of collaborating to foster positive change. At Koort Boodja, we work closely with the Department of Communities, Office of Homelessness, the City of Vincent, WA Police and our neighbours to maintain a safe and harmonious environment in the vicinity of our facility. This collaborative effort enhances the overall wellbeing of Koort Boodja clients and the wider community.

We welcome the opportunity to share more information about the positive impact we make on the lives of the people we serve.

Please feel free to reach out to us at partners@unitingwa.org.au.

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