New Year’s resolutions from Uniting WA Family Group Home participant, Chloe. 

At just 13 months old, Chloe entered foster care amid concerns of neglect and family challenges. She spent time in foster care but struggled, prompting her transition to a Uniting WA Family Group Home (also known as out-of-home care.)

In June 2022 there were 4,394 children in out-of-home care in Western Australia.

Chloe faced challenges at school, but Uniting support worker Jane worked tirelessly to help Chloe settle in. Chloe excelled in drama, a passion she discovered through a specialised school program.

In August 2020, Chloe triumphed by securing a spot in the school’s drama program. She found solace in drama—a safe space for her emotions where she could express herself freely. Supported by our team, she also landed her first part-time job at a coffee shop.

As Chloe neared the age of 18, the limit for Family Group Home support, she felt anxious about leaving her home. With assistance, she applied for a specialised youth housing service and successfully transitioned into her new home in January 2023 and is settling well. 

Here are her New Year’s resolutions.