Tranby impact snapshot

Demand for support at Uniting WA’s Tranby Engagement Hub (Tranby) has never been higher. Tranby is Perth’s only 365-day-a-year crisis support centre for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Tranby provides meals, showers, laundry and internet services, as well as 1:1 support and access to a range of medical, legal, counselling and advocacy services.

Tranby is also piloting a WA-first Program with Services Australia to host a full-time Centrelink Community Partnership Specialist Officer at Tranby.

In 2023, Tranby saw demand skyrocket, with 89,894 presentations for support.

Though men make up most of the presentations at Tranby, women are now joining the ranks of people experiencing homelessness in growing numbers.

Homelessness can be complex, and the people experiencing it come from diverse backgrounds with unique challenges. Not everyone who is homeless lives on the streets. There are actually categories of homelessness, each with its own characteristics and support requirements, this is why the support Tranby and Uniting WA provides is person-centered.

Primary homelessness: rough sleeping in cars, tents or on the streets.

Secondary homelessness: moving between temporary shelters, refuges and couch surfing.

Tertiary homelessness: living in accommodation below community standards, i.e. overcrowded dwellings, boarding houses and caravan parks.

1:1 support increased by 135% in 2023; this includes direct client support, referrals and advocacy services.

Material assistance increased by 79% in 2023; this includes clothing, food vouchers and Smartriders.

Tranby collaborates with a range of connected, visiting agencies and referral partners including – Homeless Healthcare, Orange Sky Laundry and Street Law.

Once-off or ongoing payments help us support our community.

Whatever skills you have, we could always use a hand.

An interactive and educational experience at Tranby.