Stopping family and domestic violence

While domestic and family violence can happen to anyone, it is recognised that most domestic and family violence is gendered and is perpetrated by men against women.

64 women were killed by violence in Australia in 2023; Western Australian is significantly over-represented in these stats, with 21, or 32% of these women living in Western Australia. 

Family and domestic violence is also the leading cause of homelessness for women and children, with 51.5% of women and 37% of young people accessing homelessness services citing experiences of domestic violence.

Uniting WA works to stop family and domestic violence through a range of programs that aim to strengthen family relationships, support those affected by violence and empower those recovering from trauma.

We are advocating for:

  • Increased investment from both State and Federal Governments across the spectrum of FDV support services – from primary prevention, to early intervention, to crisis response and recovery

  • Increased availability of crisis, transitional and permanent accommodation for people experiencing FDV

  • Improved justice responses to domestic, family and sexual violence.