Meet James Hall

James Hall wants to share his story.  At 31, he’s already got a lot of life experience under his belt.

While he’s proud to call Albany home, James hasn’t always been a Great Southern local.  His younger days were spent travelling around Australia on a bus. 

At the age of 4, James’ family left the sheep farm they called home and set out on an adventure that he shares in his first autobiography.

James writing his autobiography.

James has just started work on his life story, which also takes readers on his journey through treatment following the discovery of a tumour.  The growth, which had started in his head, spread to his back and James endured rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as surgery. 

While it helped his cancer, the treatment also led to more seizures, and he almost lost his eyesight in the process.  Not being able to see was the thing that scared him the most.

And that’s just the first 2 pages.

With the help of his support worker, Andrea, James plans to keep writing about his life until the book is done.  Every time he remembers a new detail, he jots a note in his phone and saves it to write up next time he sees Andrea.

When the book is finished, James wants to get a photo of himself holding it.  He plans to give 1 copy to the local library and another to a neighbour who helps him out.