COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Uniting remains focused on reducing the impacts of COVID-19 on our team, the people we support and the broader community. This page will be updated regularly.

Latest update: Monday 25 May 2020 – Continuing delivery of services

Uniting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

As we progress through the WA Roadmap for the phased easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Uniting remain focused on ensuring the safety of our team, the people we support and the community.

The Uniting response is a credit to our team who have enacted our Pandemic Response Plan calmly and effectively. We have promoted good hygiene, suspended group-based activities, postponed volunteering and reduced face-to-face contact wherever possible.

This has been possible through finding innovative ways to continue non-critical services over the phone – via video conference and through other methods that don’t require close contact.

Now, as we progress through Phase 2 of the Roadmap, our flexible working practices remain in place as we implement a gradual return to our usual workplaces and re-establishment of services within social distancing requirements.

Throughout this crisis, we have continued to provide essential critical services that are needed to maintain the health and wellbeing of the people we support.

Critical face-to-face services continuing with improved safety:

• Tranby Centre and Homelessness services, including expanded outreach
• Family Group Homes
• My Home / supported accommodation
• Welfare checks on participants when uncontactable by phone/email.

Additional precautions and safety measures:

• Careful and gradual return to usual workplaces and support services
• Observing strict hygiene practices and social distancing
• Minimising teams working across different services
• Non-critical home visits and face-to-face appointments delivered via phone/video
• Group and community activities postponed until further notice
• Volunteer support postponed until further notice
• Minimising visitor and community access to services and offices.

We will keep you informed

We’ll continue to review our response to the outbreak and provide regular updates to our team, our volunteers, the people we support and their families.

Please contact your support worker if you have a question or concern.

You can also contact us at or via phone on 1300 663 298. 

For up to date information, we recommend you regularly visit the following websites:

WA Department of Health

Australian Department of Health

If you have any questions you need answered, please contact us on or call 1300 663 298.