Bush Ranger Cadets Making a Difference

The cadets assembled the bikes as part of their training exercises, with help from Coordinator Gary Thirlwell. One of our recipients was a young girl from a single parent home who had never had a brand new bike before.  
Community In Action
“The same day we received the email about the bikes being available, one of our participants came into the office and expressed that he was at the end of his rope. After having lost his job a number of months ago, he felt overwhelmed with financial pressure and the threat of debt collectors. One thing that indicated that it was serious was that he told us that he had sold his bike. We knew his bike had been his pride and joy, he rode it everywhere and took great care of it. So for us to be able to offer him a new bike was very significant.
He also received some great financial counselling that helped him see a path forward and took away the burden of stress he had been carrying. I know that him receiving the bike and the counselling were big factors in him moving from a path leading to despair towards looking at his future with hope. All of us in the team and the participant himself would love to pass on a big thank you to the Duncraig SHS Bush Rangers WA Cadet Unit, as this bike could not have come at a better time”. 
Thank you all so much for helping us to make a difference in the lives of people doing it tough!