Individualised Services AlayaCare Updates.

This page features rolling updates, with the most recent update at the top of the page.

Latest update: Thursday 18 February 2021

AlayaCare helpdesk support update

From Thursday 18 February, AlayaCare Support will be managed via the IT Helpdesk.

Emails to the AlayaCare mailbox will be automatically assigned a ticket number.

Please continue to send emails to, but do not copy in additional team members, as your Helpdesk ticket will be assigned to the relevant person for action.

Please use the email subject to let us know the problem and the body of the email to describe what is happening. Alternatively, you can call the IT Helpdesk on 9355 9196.

When to log a Helpdesk ticket

Conatct for help with:

  • Changes to employee system access and password resets
  • Scheduling and visit approvals issues
  • Payroll and billing issues
  • Visit delete requests
  • Data fixes (form delets or data on wrong client)
  • Contract Hours missing for Permanent staff.

As well as special requests (assessed on a case-by-case basis) including:

  • Reporting
  • Traning requests
  • New AlayaCare forms or reports
  • New AlayaCare functionality.

22 September 2020

What does the AlayaCare Client Management System (CMS) do?

For Individualised Services, AlayaCare CMS is a system that tells us:

  • WHO a client is – all their data including their personal information, what we need to do to support them and who their contacts are
  • WHAT service/s we provide to every client, across all programs
  • WHEN we provide those Services to clients, so they can be scheduled to our team members (who are called employees in the CMS)
  • The COST of those services – what we are charging our clients for each service so we are paid to provide them (very important!)
  • HOW we provide those services – the Scheduling team allocates shifts that team members clock in and out of (and Service/Team Leaders approve) so we can pay you (also very important!)

What can the AlayaCare Client Management System (CMS) do for me?

Working with a CMS takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it. Your job will be made easier with:

  • Real time access to client information, so you know everything you need to know about a client before you start a shift
  • An easy to use Mobile app that has an offline mode in case you experience any network connection issues
  • Electronic forms instead of paper ones, so there’s less steps involved and you can jump right in and fill out a form at any time from your mobile or PC
  • Access to a reporting tool that tells you everything you need to know about all of your clients, in one system.

The infographic below demonstrates how a client is set up within the AlayaCare system.

Client set up in AlayaCare CNMS system

Questions? Get in touch with the project team at

14 September 2020

What’s happening?

A lot has been happening since we last shared an update on the AlayaCare project. We’ve started the next important phase – User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – to prepare for ‘Go Live’.

UAT is where we get to play in the system and check that it works, so we can:

  • Set up clients and add information, like their demographics and contacts
  • Add information to a client’s record, like progress notes and completed forms
  • Add budgets and services so we can schedule clients’ visits
  • Approve shifts so we can pay our team and bill our clients
  • Access reports to manage our services’ and funder reporting responsibilities.

Leaders from Individualised Services and Children’s Services were involved with testing and training last week and we learned how AlayaCare will work for their programs.

Mobile view of schedule and client visit details
Desktop view of a client’s budget

What’s changing?

Firstly, a note about language. While we generally describe the people we support as Participants, ‘clients’ is the word that’s used in AlayaCare. This word is hard-wired into the system, so every person we support is referred to as a ‘client’ in AlayaCare.

AlayaCare will become the one system for managing all Uniting WA clients. This will make our jobs easier by more efficiently supporting the work we do. For example, AlayaCare includes the ability to coordinate rosters. Team members who directly support clients will use the AlayaCare mobile app to clock in and out of shifts, instead of using RITEQ. Team leaders will approve shifts in AlayaCare too.

RITEQ will sit in the background supporting the interpretation of our Employee Collective Agreement (or award). TechOne will remain as our finance system and continue to issue invoices to our clients and process our payroll. Data from AlayaCare will transfer to these systems in the background.

When will I notice a change?

The roll out of AlayaCare will happen in carefully planned phases to allow for a smooth changeover.

For the Transitioning from Homeless Outreach/Street to Home teams, they’ll be able to capture their stats out on the street via the AlayaCare mobile app from Tuesday 22 September.

For the Individualised Services team, My Home and individual customised support services will transition to AlayaCare in two phases, based on their regions:

  • The Great Southern team from Monday 12 October
  • All Perth-based teams from Monday 30 November.

The Children’s Services team will support children and young people across all programs via AlayaCare from Monday 26 October.

All other services will be rolled out in AlayaCare in the first half of 2021. The schedule for the 2021 rollout will be sent out in late November.

Next steps

If you work in the Outreach/Street to Home, Individualised Services or Children’s Services teams, you’ll attend AlayaCare training in the coming weeks and months. You’ll receive an invitation to these training sessions soon. Please keep an eye out for the email invitation in your inbox – it’s critical everyone receives the proper training before we go live.

The next steps in detail:

Planning to transition the rest of our services and teams to AlayaCare is already underway. We’ll share these dates and what it means for your team in future updates, so stay tuned.

If you’ve got any queries about the AlayaCare project, please feel free to get in touch via email at