In these challenging times, marked by escalating cost-of-living pressures and a pervasive housing crisis, the need for support has never been more urgent.  

By standing with us, you are sending a powerful message of solidarity and support to women who often feel marginalised or forgotten.

Your generosity will make a lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable women in our community.

– Jen Park, Uniting WA Co-CEO

Back in November of 2023, Uniting WA launched The Together Program, a first-of-its-kind collaborative service that keeps mums and babies together when the mothers are sleeping rough. A month later we welcomed Kayla, our first mum, and her baby Zaidyn into the program. We asked Kayla about the experience.

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Rosemary had come from an abusive upbringing before meeting the love of her life, John. The two of them were a vivacious pair and the
true definition of soul mates but, a few years ago, John became unwell, and they ended up sleeping rough as they struggled to make ends meet.

Not long after, John sadly passed away and Rosemary found herself in a situation no one
should have to face—sleeping on the streets of Perth at 52.

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She had her safe spaces but still had to endure cold winter nights and stolen possessions,
including letters of experiences she had written for her husband since his passing.

Did you know that 4,389 women experience homelessness every night in WA.
Older women are among the fastest growing cohorts of people experiencing homelessness.

After 2 years on the streets, Rosemary was introduced to Tranby Engagement Hub, our crisis
support centre for people experiencing homelessness, where she quickly became a role model
to the younger people coming in.

Rosemary was then connected to our Homeless Accommodation Support Service (HASS) and
received her first transitional housing while she and the team waited for a more permanent
solution. It was important to Rosemary that she lived close to John’s resting place.

I’m pleased to report that in January 2024, Rosemary was finally allocated a permanent home.

Rosemary now has a puppy named Bully who reminds her of a dog she and John used to have together.

We shared with Rosemary about our plans for our Wyn Carr House project, a transitional accommodation designed for older women.
She gave us some important things to consider…
“When you get to a certain age, like when your kids are gone and, you’re not married up, you feel so alone so it’s got to feel like family, it’s got to feel like loving. It’s all about the love and the safety.”