Flip for a good cause.

Want to raise stacks of money for a good cause? We’ve got the recipe for success.

Your perfect Pancake Day procedure

Click below to download your Pancake Day guide.

Do you have any questions about running your own Pancake Day event?
Give our team a call on (08) 9220 1222 or email fundraising@unitingwa.org.au and we’ll be happy to help.

Save the date
It’s Pancake Day on Tuesday 13 February 2024, but did you know that you can host your own Pancake Day event anytime until the end of April?

Location, location, location
Some great places to hold your event are parks, schools, cafes, churches, sports clubs or even in your own kitchen– the only limit is your imagination.

We whipped up some creative ideas
Pancake Olympics: mix, flip, decorate – it’s a race to see who can make the first pancake.
Chef Challenge: who can come up with the most creative and delicious topping combo.
Pancake Partners: reach out to a local business and ask them to dollar-match your donations.

Assemble your pancake possie
Now you need to recruit people to join your pancake possie. You could ask your co-workers, church members, friends, family and your local community to help out at your event.

Spread the word
Spread the word about your Pancake Day event with our social media tiles and posters.

Pancake Pro-tips
Get your batter ready 30 minutes before the heat is on – trust us, this makes yummier pancakes. We recommend pricing your pancakes at $5 each but feel free to choose your own price. You can even charge extra for toppings, or offer deals like two pancakes for $8.

Submit your funds to make a difference
There are different ways to donate your fundraised dollars to us.

1. Cash & cheques
If you’ve collected cash (please write as single cheque) or cheques you can complete the funds submission form below.

2. Direct Deposit
You can deposit directly into our bank account with the reference being your school or team name and the words ‘Pancake Day’. If you do this, please send us an email at fundraising@unitingwa.org.au to let us know.

Account Name: UnitingCare West
BSB: 036 022
Account Number: 598618

3. Online
You’re also welcome to donate online using the tool below if you’ve collected cash.
Just remember to tick ‘I am donating as a company’.