NDIS recovery coaching for mental health challenges

Are you an NDIS participant experiencing mental health conditions or other challenges that affect your daily life? Our NDIS Recovery Coaches have specialist mental health and recovery knowledge. You can access one of our Recovery Coaches if you have psychosocial recovery coaching in your plan and are in the Perth Metropolitan area.

What to expect

In your first recovery coaching session we will focus on getting to know you and your individual needs, so that we can:

How do we help?

Our team adopts a strengths-based approach, which means that we focus on all the things you can do, rather than those you can’t.

We can assist you to manage your daily tasks and access to your community, and work with you to build your own skills and self-reliance – so that you can start to do these things for yourself when you’re ready.


Before you select Uniting WA as your provider, we will work with you to agree on the price for each support service and provide that to you in writing.

All costs will be outlined in this written document and guided by the NDIS pricing arrangements. Just as we value open communication and mutual respect, we also value financial transparency, fostering a sense of trust and partnership.